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Most women find the tied-up-bow ribbon tattoo to be the most appealing and symbolic, representing women’s power, tying up a loose knot, an end, being drawn back, or even being freed. It’s usually related to romantic feelings.

Depending on the style and color, it can be pretty attractive and cute, and the size varies depending on body placement. Wrists and ankles are the most typical places for this type of tattoo. Women are more likely to get these tattoos in bright colors or combined with anything else. The ribbon’s design, whether it’s unique or not, is determined by the recipient’s imagination.

A ribbon can be altered by selecting a somewhat more challenging and imaginative design, such as a corset, which is frequently tattooed on the back or side.  The design, whether one color or several, polka dot or mandala, is always highly eye-catching, regardless of the size of the tattoo. They are a terrific method to exhibit one’s artistic attitude, whether they are girly and polished or stylish and plain.

The best thing about this design is that he isn’t associated with anyone’s tattoo style. Any tattoo style can be used for this. Realistic, old school, sketchy, or whatever else comes to mind. It’s a versatile style that works well with both old-school roses and intricate mandala tattoo designs.

This is an attractive tattoo design that appeals to both men and women, and it has both aesthetic and symbolic value in the tattoo community. This is a unique tattoo design that may be seductive or decorative while yet being a strong design with a profoundly important story.

Finally, we must exercise extreme caution when selecting a color and shape since, as previously stated, they each have different meanings, and we do not want to wind up with a tattoo that has no meaning for us.

1. Kitty Bow Tattoo Design

The majority of cartoon characters have a broad appeal. The Hello Kitty symbol, with her colossal bow on her brow, is a cute design. It is a source of inspiration for a lot of artists. Hello Kitty and her enormous bow are immensely popular forms of art, from greeting cards and decorations to clothing and tattoos. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a Hello Kitty bow tattoo.


These tattoos, whether they feature simply the bow or Kitty’s cute face, are a fantastic selection. Each one is worthwhile to try. The chubby cheeks, dot-like eyes, small whiskers, and huge red ribbon of Hello Kitty are a design that appeals to people of all ages.

A Hello Kitty bow stands out from the crowd. We can recognize Hello Kitty only by looking at the ribbon. Those that wear Hello Kitty-themed costumes, accessories, and tattoos are clearly Hello Kitty fanatics. This is a collection of tattoos of the Hello Kitty bow, which is one of her most recognizable features. Some images depict Hello Kitty wearing her bow.

Some are merely bowed patterns, but they’re still adorable. Hello, Kitty is a charming character with her cherubic cheeks, little whiskers, and eyes like small dots. Greeting cards, mobile phones, accessories, birthday party décor, cakes, candies, clothing, and even body paint are all inspired by this design. The Hello Kitty bow is a popular choice, and it looks great on the hip.

2. Thumb Bow Tattoo Design

Tattoo art is a form of body adornment that has been enjoyed by both men and women, but some designs are gender-specific. For example, the bow tattoo is a feminine and adorable design, making it a popular choice among young girls and women.


These tiny little bows, which are a common feature of gift wrapping, look fantastic on women’s skin, with their vibrant colors and pretty designs exuding all the charm that every woman seeks in a tattoo design. The elegance of this design is what makes this tattoo popular among women of all ages.

Bow tattoos are popular for their aesthetic value as well as symbolism. They are more than just pretty; they also have a deeper meaning. A bow is made by tying a loose knot on a ribbon or thread, giving it a one-of-a-kind and beautiful appearance. Women adore the design because it represents their liberation and cool attitude, which is shared by every modern woman today.

Bows also represent femininity, love, and specialization because they are used to embellish gifts that we give to our loved ones. Bow tattoos are thus associated with the joy of giving and sharing, which is an important part of a woman’s spirit because she is born to give and share. This is a little tattoo that looks great on the thumb.

3. Love Bow Tattoo Design

Bow tattoos are feminine designs that are extremely popular among women. Bow tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years due to their beauty and symbolic meanings. Men do not wear bow tattoos; they only use them in the form of a bow tie.


A bow is made by tying a loose knot on a ribbon or thread, giving it a one-of-a-kind and beautiful appearance. Women use these cute feminine designs to decorate their bodies and enhance their attractiveness. Bow tattoos are gender-specific because they can only be worn by women and are becoming increasingly popular among women.

Tiny bows are commonly used in gift wrapping and look great on women’s skin. Most women prefer to have lace bows tattooed on their bodies because they look more beautiful. When colorful Bow tattoos appear on the wrist, shoulder, neck, ankle, and backside of the ear, they attract more attention.

Tattoos with a bow design are popular for another reason, which is their versatility in terms of placement, as they look good on almost any part of a woman’s body. A bow art is nothing short of a fashion statement, whether it is inked on the ankle, wrist, finger, back of the ear, nape of the neck, shoulder, or lower back, because the design is bound to attract attention regardless of where it is placed. Some women use the bow to represent a special event in their lives, such as an anniversary or a birthday. They wear it as a tribute to a loved one.

4. Bow with Dots

Body art is popular among both men and women. Although many tattoos can be worn by both men and women, some are only worn by one gender. Bow tattoos are one of them in this case. If you’re looking for a unique new tattoo design, consider getting a bow tattoo. A bow tattoo is an intriguing option for women, and it comes with some creative ideas.


Women are the only ones who get the bow tattoo. That’s not to say a man couldn’t wear it, but in most cases, the tied-up bow has special significance for women. It may be difficult to believe now, but not long ago, women were not even allowed to vote.

Before the suffrage movement, women were expected to fulfill their limited roles while men engaged in public and political life. With the suffragettes and the feminist movement, all of that changed. Of course, we’re still a long way from equal rights for men and women, but the truth is that we’ve come a long way. For some women, a bow tattoo represents their fight for liberation.

Consider how you would tie a gift bow. You tension the ribbon, tie the knot, and then let go of the bow. This tension and release are interpreted as a metaphor for women’s liberation. This is why the bow tattoo is often seen as a symbol only for women, though some men may want to express their support for feminism and women’s rights as well.

5. Pink Bow Tattoo Design

Women should get a bow tattoo for a variety of reasons. You might be surprised to learn that the bow tattoo has a lot of symbolism. It denotes the completion of something, possibly loose ends. The act of drawing back and letting go of something. It is a means of emancipation for women. There have even been men who have gotten the bow tattoo because it symbolizes both suppression and release.


When it comes to getting a bow tattoo, there are numerous design options. Hopefully, you will find an inspiring tattoo design as a result of this article.

A bow tattoo can have a variety of meanings, one of which is that the bow is simply meant to be decorative and is quite popular. It is currently at the pinnacle of fashion. A bow tattoo can be worn with almost any type of accessory. These tattoos can come in a variety of sizes and colors. The wrist, arm, or even the leg are the most common locations for a bow tattoo.

This is a fantastic bow tattoo that looks wonderful on the back of the neck. The beautiful thing about these tattoos is that you can hide them by letting your hair down if you don’t want to show them off. Put your hair up in a ponytail to show them off. For this reason alone, small tattoos are ideal for behind the neck.

6. Hot Bow Tattoo Design

Bow tattoos, like many other tattoos, reveal their auspicious meanings and raise awareness in the world. Bows or ribbons tied into knots are used to raise awareness of various causes such as diseases, sadness, and much more. For example, a red ribbon bow is used to raise awareness of AIDS, while a pink ribbon bow is used to raise awareness of cancer, among many other causes.


Bow tattoos are commonly associated with women and girls. Women and girls have traditionally worn bows with their hair and dresses to denote femininity. Bows are becoming increasingly popular as tattoo designs become available. Bow tattoos are mostly used to enhance the beauty of women and girls.

Bow tattoos can be applied to any part of your body because they come in small, medium, and large sizes. These tattoos are available for the legs, thighs, neck, wrist, and a variety of other body parts. Bow tattoos with heart, quotes, infinity, skull, anchor and other designs are also available.

Here we have gathered the best bow tattoo designs for you to consider as your first or next tattoo. I hope you enjoy these bow tattoo designs. This bow is stunning when worn around the waist. You can’t go wrong with this tattoo if you’re searching for a little sex appeal. This type of tattoo looks excellent while you’re wearing a bikini at the beach.

7. Ankle Bow Tattoo Design

The bow tattoo is an excellent design choice for people looking for an eye-catching tattoo that is also simple to create. Each one will have a bow tattoo meaning or two associated with it, making the design even more unique. On this page, we’ll look at why the bow tattoo is such a popular choice for some people. We’ll go over some of the meanings you can use with your bow, as well as some of the design options.


A bow is generally regarded as a feminine symbol, as it is rarely worn by men, except in the form of a bowtie. That makes the bow tattoo a bit unique in and of itself, as there aren’t many designs out there that are known to be exclusively for women. Women, unsurprisingly, wear their bow tattoos proudly because they know there is no male counterpart.

A bow around the ankle is a great finishing touch; it’s a lovely and sophisticated look. This design will appeal to everyone who enjoys wearing heels. It looks great with heels and adds a touch of sophistication to the outfit.

8. Thigh Bow Tattoo Design

Women should get a bow tattoo for a variety of reasons. You might be shocked to learn that the bow tattoo has a lot of symbolism. It refers to the completion of a task, such as tying up loose ends. The act of pulling something back and releasing it. It is a means of female liberation.


There have also been guys who have had a bow tattoo as a symbol of oppression and freedom When it comes to obtaining a bow tattoo, there are numerous design options. Hopefully, you can find an inspiring tattoo design in this article.

When talking about bow tattoo designs, it’s not uncommon to see a bow tattoo on both legs. They can, however, be applied to either the rear or front of the thighs. The bow is highly connected with female sexuality and sexual power in this arrangement.

The garter, which is usually associated with female sensuality, is sometimes included in the bow design. This is, in my opinion, one of the sexiest bow tattoos ever created. Make it a point to flaunt it, and you’ll feel elated.

9. Black Lace Tattoo Design

This huge bow tattoo is a lovely choice for a woman. It’s made entirely of black “lace,” and it has a double, folded bow form with a wonderful shadowing effect that lifts the bow off the skin. The ribbon’s right bottom border is slightly longer than the left, giving this bow tattoo design a genuine and cute appearance.


One of the tiniest bow tattoos we have is this one. It uses minimum ink and includes a slimline black outline of a bow, which is then filled in with tiny black polka dots. It’s meant to go on your finger or other small location. It’s a stylish and contemporary option for your first tattoo.

This is one of the most unique bow tattoo designs. Not one, but three red bows are yours! Each lower limb has two bows, while the center back has one bow. A heavy black string is crisscrossed in a corset design to highlight the rear bow. This is the perfect blend of romantic and edgy!

10. Bow Tattoo On Leg

Pink bows, for example, are a symbol of breast cancer awareness and have become a prominent emblem around the world, urging people to join hands against the dreadful disease. They tell a lot about a woman’s strength of character and attitude in this way, and they go well beyond just making a charming appeal to the bearer.


There’s a reason why individuals acquire bow tattoos in the first place. Of course, the meaning will be determined by how you feel about it. The meaning of a bow tattoo is one of the reasons why people get one. Giving, female power, the present moment, a hug, expertise, and the gift of love are all represented with bow tattoos. All of these are lovely reasons to get a bow tattoo.

The popularity of this particular design has been a driving force behind tattoo artists’ ongoing efforts to produce something new and spectacular in the bow design, and this is one tattoo design where you will find a lot of variety. The design may include a loosely wrapped ribbon with or without lace, which can be worn cutely or sensually, according to the bearer’s preference and attitude.

Bow tattoos come in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes, and can be tailored to the tattoo bearer’s preferences. Brilliant colors, such as red, pink, and purple, are the most popular. To create a fully distinct look, some designs can contain a combination of colors or designs such as polka dots and stripes.

11. Bow Tattoo On Finger

Because they are all about playfulness and femininity, it is odd to see them done in traditional black and grey. Another popular style incorporates them as jewelry, such as ankle tattoos, bracelet tattoos, and finger ring tattoos.


Couples might have permanent ring tattoos of the bow pattern to symbolize their everlasting love and dedication to each other. Some designs that include bows as the main element can be lifted to create a shadow effect, which can be a fun choice. Flowers, jewels, butterflies, birds, and chains, among other particular components, can be merged with the bow pattern to create a personalized design for tattoo carriers.

They can also add text to a bow design to give it a new meaning, such as a loved one’s initials or name, a significant date in one’s life, or a quotation that reflects one’s personality and attitude. In this approach, the appropriate combination of colors and designs can result in a stunning design with a feminine touch of bows.

Bow tattoo designs are in high demand among girls and women all over the world due to their deep symbolic importance, aesthetic appeal, and artistic variety. This is the type of design that ladies of all ages and walks of life may wear with ease and comfort.

12. Yellow Measuring Tape Ribbon

This type of tattoo, a ribbon or a bow, has a very deep meaning, even though it is pleasant to sketch, design, and adorn. The meaning of the ribbon is usually awareness or support for some health problem, depending on the hue. Ribbon.


Although it is unclear when the practice of wearing yellow ribbons began, it is commonly known that they acquired popularity during the American Civil War. They were worn by all the ladies on the battlefield to symbolize their love for their loved ones, and they are still worn in support of military troops around the world.

This one-of-a-kind bow tattoo combines a measuring tape with a bow motif in an innovative way. This idea uses a traditional bright yellow measuring tape with numbers and markings tied into a loose bow. The bottom corners of the bow softly bend upwards, giving the overall form a flowing swing.







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